Remote Power Control Module Specifications

  • Remote power off feature – of a chambers energy consuming functions can be accomplished via the Watlow Temp Controller RS232 port DTR leg or by sending an ‘OFF’ command to the Watlow controller.
  • Manual front panel power down – can be achieved by dialing the chambers set point to the ‘OFF’ setting, one degree below the low temperature span limit.
  • Auto ‘Wake up’ of the chamber functions in the event that a UUT is left ‘ON’ inside the sleeping chamber and causes a rise in temperature.
  • Single push button restoration of factory default programmed parameters via RS232, into the Watlow Controller.
  • Power OFF energy consumption less than 37 cents per day.
  • Installs in less than an hour right on the electrical panel of any of the HR series Cybortronics chambers, including the HR2050, 2060, 3680 and 3690.
  • Blower or Over-temperature alarm condition will now be readable via the Watlow RS232 port.

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